Why is digital readiness important?


Supply chains deliver your company’s products, propositions and promises. Big data, AI and ML combine with supply chain process to enable a paradigm shift in capability. It is a transformation that will impact the way your company does business end-to-end. In short, they deliver the next generation of competitiveness.

Supply Chain Platforms integrate with the digital ecosystem beyond the traditional walls of the organization to get ahead of opportunity and disruption in order to transform the previously ‘unplannable’ into the realm of predictive, prescriptive and autonomous action.





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A roadmap to Digital Advantage

Manufacturers and retailers are at an early stage of the journey. Less than 15% have so far reached level 3 (of 4) and organisations appear to be in the process of bridging the two paradigms. This means that there is a window of opportunity for those that can successfully ride the digital wave and bridge the gap between process excellence and digital readiness.

As the pace of change increases there will be challenges. However, the flip side of a challenge is opportunity.

The digital roadmap


How digital is your supply chain?


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